about me
Welcome to my page.
My name is Sretko Milanovich, I am a professional human being and a biologist by passion.

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I have made the first shy steps in exploring the vast natural heritage of this beautiful country around my native village, Belobreska (somewhere in the Danube Clisura, Romania), where I have spent my childhood and where I have graduated elementary school. While my colleagues were playing foorball, I was running after butterflies and flowers on the slopes of the hills Pantin Breg and Cerovita, Tavancic, in Lokva Mountains, through the Danube spinneys of Dunavat, at Purkina Rupa and Gornji Nartak.
I Although I have enrolled in a philology class while I was attending the Dositej Obradovic secondary school in Timisoara (I wanted to avoid Maths), and although we were studying biology only one hour a week, my late and my first biology teacher, Ziva Plaz, has managed to "inoculate" true love for this science called biology.
I have acquired a major change in understanding what I had known so far about nature, about the species of plants and animals in college as a student at the famous Institute of Biology of Novi Sad (Novi Sad University, then still Yugoslavia). I can never forget the countless field trips with my colleagues from the students of biology society in  Novi Sad "Dr Josif Pancic" (whose member I used to be) and with the mountain hiking clubs Naftas and Zeleznicar. I have walked up and down the mountains of the fomer Serbia and Montenegro (and others), and I have kept the most pleasant souvenirs from the Stara Planina mountain, from the Durmitor massive in Montenegro and from Pelister peak in Macedonia.
I was enjoying the Adriatic sea breeze while I was collecting and inventoring Mediterranean plant species that grow on the Montenegrin coast. My only regret is that I could never go on a site with my mentor Prof. Pal Boza, who has irreversibly infected me with the virus called botany.
Since then (in spring 1994), in a field at the foot of Mount Fruska Gora, I have discovered my first orchids. I still remember the look on the face of my teacher Ruzica Igic (who was accompanying us on the field) when I gave her a sample I have picked up of  Cephalanthera longifolia. Oh, do you know that this orchid is protected! - these have been the words of my teacher Ruzica. I still keep this sample in my personal herbarium.

I made my professional dream come true when, in 2004, I got employed at the recently founded Iron Gates Natural Park Administration as a biologist.
We started (continued) to explore the WILD CARPATHIANS GARDEN.
I have realized very quickly that there was a lot of work (in protection and conservation) to get to what we see in documentaries about protected areas in most civilized countries (I am keen on watching Discovery and National Geographic with all their branches).
Unfortunately, not many things have changed since. But o have kept my passion. I have continued to watch my favorite channels, I was discovering more and more hectares of the vast WILD CARPATHIANS GARDEN.

IIn 2007, PhD. Andrei M-Kiss wanted me to be part of his team. It was great honor to join the Department of Natural Sciences in Timisoara.
My researches have continued in terms of orchids, rare plant species, and more. I was interested in everything that is wild nature, in the entire west part of the country, and beyond. Meanwhile I have finished in my Ph.D. and it is easy to guess the theme of my thesis. My almost 15 years of research on orchids have led to: Orchidaceae L. family in in south part of Banat region. This result was only the start for me. I have told to myself: there is a lot of work in this area, in botany.
The famous botanists Kitaibel, Rochel,  Heuffel, Borbas, Simonkai, Brandza, Degen, Pax, Grecescu, Borza, Boscaiu, Roman, Schrött, Coste and many others who have visited the places I have the honor to visit today are a model for me.
Now, I'm very proud to be a follower of the Department for Natural Sciences (Natural Science Society downside of Timisoara, 1873 - 1918) in the Banat Museum, which in 2013, celebrates 140 years since the Founding.

I am an accomplished man, and sometimes my beloved wife Julia (and our two small dogs: Mini and Nero) come with me on the field.