Suntem o echipa.

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Most likely, the patience of those who have enough time to read the text makes me start with the stereotype "We are a team".
Yes, indeed, we are a team made up of professionals and of people who are passionate about nature and people of various specializations in natural sciences and beyond (science PhDs and experts in botany, zoology, geography, geology, forest engineers, civil engineers and architects), we have a professional and ethical attitude.

We are a team.
It is very difficult and hard to gather and to form a good team. It is quite extraordinary to form a very good team in the field.
It Together with my colleagues, specialists and experts, we cover all the research areas of biodiversity: flora and vegetation (inventory and mapping of natural habitats, plant associations, taking over floristic surveys), fauna (Entomology, Herpetology, Ornithology, Chiropterology and other mammals, aquatic fauna). As most of our specialists have worked and are still working in institutions that manage the protected areas we know exactly what problems we face, what responsibilities are to be assumed and what results are to be expected.
We meet half way those who want the real state field presentation, those who do not accept the ubiquitous "copy-paste" in works, analyzes, reports, evaluations, assessments.
One thing that we, as a team, do not definitely accept is, what people call, in their specialized "fiction".
Unfortunately, the new wave of different studies of biodiversity has made a real and discouraging contribution to the spread of this phenomenon.

For those who do not want to understand, we come and try to fix the mistake somebody else has made (randomized, because of the lack of professionalism and science, or on purpose), a person for whom biodiversity sounds like welfare, like something which must result in a material gain.
Nature and biodiversity do not stand for such an approach.

The experience, the excellence and the passion with which we perform our work have allowed us to stand out and to share with you our skills, our professionalism and the dedication in the field which we all know as NATURE.