Natural ecosystems from west Romania
Salt meadows
Aquatic ecosystems
Rock habitats
Rare plant species of Carpathians
Wild orchids of Carpathians

Please contact me if you want more information on the pictures of these galleries and on this site (when and where it has been shot, what kind of habitat is under Natura 2000, which is the original maximum resolution, etc.)
Phytocoenosis - Ecosystem. The ecosystem term (oikos gr. = House, household, sistematos gr. = System) in the sense of Tansley (1935), designates a functional connection, especially trophic, of life and environment, connection that acts as a unifying factor of biotope and biocenosis. Botnariuc defines it in the same way (1985): the elementary organizational unit of the ecosphere, capable toindependently provide energy flow as well as constant recycling of substances (Cristea, 2004).
Habitat (habitat lat. = live) is an area naturally inhabited by a population or species of plants or animals. The biotope is the habitat where many species of plants or animals coexist.
The pictures in the galleries below have been taken in natural ecosystems in the west part of Romania.
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